Construction Claims


It is every contractor’s aspiration to deliver construction projects on time and within budget. However, delays affect almost all UK construction projects and that can have negative consequences on both programme delivery and cost.

Belasco Associates has a significant track record in all aspects of construction claims and can act as our Client’s representative in the preparation of claims to their employers, or on behalf of our Client’s in the defence of claims from their contractors. Belasco Associates work with our Client’s project teams to understand the precise detail behind such claims (the ‘cause’) and the consequences it has had on construction sequencing, completion and cost (the ‘effect’),

Each claim is unique and a contractor’s entitlement varies between different forms of contract (the NEC contracts provide for compensation events at clause 60, whereas many JCT contracts provide for Relevant Events (an entitlement to time) and Relevant Matters (an entitlement to loss and/or expense). Belasco Associates is able to undertake detailed and forensic evaluation of our Client’s entitlement, or their subcontractor’s potential entitlement, to extensions of time and loss and/or expense and submit detailed claims or evaluations on their behalf.

See below for an overview of our services.

Specialist Advice
We provide specialist advice on all aspects of contract claims including claims avoidance, claim strategy and claim strength
Claim Preparation
We prepare highly detailed contractual claims for extensions of time and loss and/or expense
Claims Assessment
We undertake assessments and provide detailed responses to contractual claims for extensions of time and loss and/or expense
Negotiation & Settlement
We can act on your behalf to negotiate settlement agreements in relation to the settlement of contractual claims
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