Building & Party Wall Surveying


Belasco Associates building surveying work on all types of properties including those being purchased, Listed Buildings, older properties (+50 years), buildings facing renovation or redevelopment and new-builds or newly developed properties.

Building Surveys are undertaken as a means of providing a detailed evaluation of a property’s condition. The aim of a Building Survey is to provide an overview of the general condition of the property, as well as identifying past, present or potential defects and structural or other issues that may affect the performance of the building (such as rising damp, wood rot and infestation etc.), and to identify those issues that may need immediate or urgent attention in order to make the building safe and habitable and/or prevent any further damage.

We undertake an internal visual examination (as opposed to an invasive one) of the property, including to the roof structure and underfloor spaces (access permitting) and an external examination of the property from ground level to consider the condition of all roofs, chimneys and other building surfaces (including boundary walls, fences and permanent outbuildings).

Our reports will provide detailed recommendations in respect of any remediation works that may be required and will be accompanied with annotated photographs where possible.

We prepare formal Advisory Reports for use in mediation and settlement of contentious matters, as well as Part 35 Compliant Expert Witness reports for use litigation proceedings. We cover the following areas:

  • Non-Structural building defects
  • Water ingress and damp
  • Defective workmanship

See below for an overview of our services.

Building Surveying
We undertake Building Surveys to identify non-structural matters in commercial and residential markets
Project Management
We can act on your behalf to manage, supervise and inspect construction works on an ongoing basis
Expert Advisors
We provide Expert Advisory services to assist in the settlement of disputes and contentious matters
Expert Witness
We provide Expert Witness services for litigation as both single joint experts (SJE) and Party Appointed Experts (PAE)

A “party wall” is a shared wall, normally between semi-detached or terraced properties, and which divide the homes of separate property owners. Party walls also include external boundary walls and covers excavations near neighbouring properties.

In England and Wales, works to party walls, boundary walls and excavations close to neighbouring buildings are governed by the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and would typically require a Party Wall Agreement. Commonly, domestic extensions (where new foundations are required near boundary walls), damp-proofing works and loft conversions would all require Party Wall Agreements.

Party Wall Agreements are used to record the condition of a party wall prior to construction work being undertaken so that, in the event there is damage to the party wall arising from construction works, there is a prior record of the condition of the party wall.

The homeowner requires a Party Wall Agreement to be in place prior to commencement of any works and requires the agreement of adjoining property owners / neighbours.

Party Wall Notice
Preparation and Submission of Party Wall Notices on Adjoining Property Owners Prior to Commencement of Construction Works
Negotiation of the Terms of the Party Wall Notice with Adjoining Property Owners, and Agreement of the Party Wall Notice
Party Wall Award
Preparation and Submission of Party Wall Award Following Completion of Construction Works
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